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about Us
The coworking space began operating in the summer of 2020. We tried to create a comfortable working environment, and we succeeded in positive feedback. In the morning we employ people of various specialties,
training events are held in the evening.
"Seventh Heaven" is a quiet neighborhood with a large parking lot and developed infrastructure. We have everything for modern and comfortable office work, at the lowest prices. Discounts are provided for regular customers.
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What do we have
We have provided for you a server room, RG45 sockets on tables, WI-FI. Amplifier for mobile communication. UPS with external batteries for redundancy.
We have security and fire alarms, video surveillance. The open space is equipped with lockers for personal belongings.
Our clients have card access to our space. At the appointed time, they come and work and do not depend on the administrator.
Real reviews
Kostya / Coder
I was passing through Odessa, I had to work. Rented a workplace for a day. Light, cozy and green space. Stable internet, there is a monitor, I connected very conveniently. A meeting room for a zoom conference was provided as a free bonus. Nearby, 50 meters away, there is a Vietnamese cafe, I had a snack there, although there is a kitchen in the coworking, you can order food. The assortment includes different types of tea and coffee. There are few visitors, quite a quiet place. I liked everything, I promise to come again.
Olga / Psychologist
I recently discovered the Cospo space and am very happy with this discovery. I am a psychologist and my work is related to the format of both online and live meetings, and Cospo is ideal for working in both formats. There is, what is important, fast internet, air conditioning, coffee, which makes the work comfortable. In the meeting room, I conducted a financial game "Cash-flow" and all participants (8 people) were comfortably seated at the table. I think I will hold meetings with partners here. I would love to recommend this space!
Anna / Hotelier
Visited this place recently. We were invited to the Cash-flow game. I liked the game itself very much, it was also interesting to meet and communicate with new people. I recommend to everyone! During the break, we had a tour of COSPO. And I was pleasantly surprised to see what this place contains. Firstly, everything is there for a comfortable stay of visitors. There is a kitchen where you can drink coffee, a separate room for negotiations with soft sofas, a room for trainings and lectures, as well as separate workplaces for those who come to work in the common room. I liked the interior and the fact that it is very spacious and comfortable.
Anna / Tutor

Cospo is a great place to work! I have been working here for about a month as a teacher with children of different ages!

I am very pleased with the choice, because there is everything for the educational process - huge plasma, flipchart! I was very pleased with the kitchen where you can make coffee. A large clothes hanger and lockers for things come in handy. I would like to note a comfortable seating area with soft sofas and an armchair, the parents highly appreciated them. Thanks to the friendly and helpful staff for their cooperation! Always clean and comfortable!

Come - you will not regret it!
Content manager
These are the questions we are most often asked.
We give short answers to them ...
Need to announce your visit in advance?
If you are going to visit us, inform about your visit in advance to avoid unpleasant situations. We focus on regular customers who have an access card. The administrator is not always in place depends on the schedule of visits of regular customers.
Can I refer clients?
Clients can be brought in if you are renting - a meeting room, a conference room and a workplace with a daily and monthly rate.
How do I get into the coworking space outside of working hours?
All our regular customers are issued an access card. Residents who rent a workplace for a month or more have 24/7 access.
What discounts do you have?
There is a discount for regular customers, for a conference hall 150 UAH / hour from 7 hours a week, for a meeting 100 UAH / hour from 10 hours a week. From Monday to Friday from 9 am to 12 pm for a conference room and a meeting room the price is 150 and 100 UAH with a discount. For companies renting a workplace, a discount of UAH 1800 / month from 4 people. Offer your terms, we are open to dialogue.
When can you work in a quiet environment?
From the morning and usually until 17.00, we have a low occupancy rate. Mostly open space works. In the evening, training events begin, the meeting room and conference hall are filled. If you need to work in complete silence, come in the morning and afternoon.
Tell us about the occupancy rate?
Mostly regular customers work with us, they rent a meeting room and conference room in the late afternoon. Clients with chaotic visits usually work in open space. We are looking for a company that rents all open space from us. There are 18 fully equipped workplaces, employees of one company will be comfortable in one large room, communicate and work in place. There are special rooms for negotiations and conferences. We are considering the option of several companies. We are waiting for suggestions from you.
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Rent price


Price per hour

  • 200 ₴ / day
  • 2000 ₴ / month 24/7
  • 1800 ₴ / month from 4
  • Kitchen area
  • Office equipment
Meeting room

Price per hour
  • 100 ₴ from 10 hours
  • 100 ₴ on weekdays 9-12
  • Kitchen area
  • Flipchart
  • Sofa and armchair
Work with us
Mon-Sun: 9:00-22:00 Seven days a week. Residents: 24/7
Odesa "7 Sky",
st. European 9
section 6 office 1B
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